Why is the park a great place to practice?

People mostly leave you to your own devices at the park. You can be there juggling, dancing, hula-hooping, or singing. People won't interfere with you. Everyone is busy doing their own thing.

If you're nervous about going by yourself, take a friend. They can give you some moral support while you practice.

It's also a great place because:

You get fresh air

You can practice your vocal projection

You can spend a few moments in quiet contemplation

Once again, if you're nervous, go at a time when there's not a lot of people around. There's often a lot of early morning joggers, and people directly after work. Sometimes you'll find that the middle of the day is a good time.

If there's a problem going to the park, you can probably find some woodland where you can practice. There probably aren't other people around for miles - and you can keep the local flora and fauna entertained.

Melbourne Victoria Australia
Melbourne, Victoria

Go to the park and practice. It's great fun! And you can enjoy nature at the same time!


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