Do your staff need public speaking training?

​Do your staff deliver presentations to clients? Do they lack confidence? Or a lack of skill when presenting?


Our public speaking training focuses on three keys areas: confidence building, speech creation, and speed delivery. We also focus heavily on off the cuff speaking, and methods for handling those difficult, unexpected inquiries.

We provide provide a supportive and fun learning environment where attendees deliver at least one speech per session. We then provide feedback and suggestions on how they can improve for next time.


Our presentation courses will usually run over four to six sessions, depending on your needs. Around ten participants works best, but we can tailor the workshop to suit your needs.

Basics 1
(2 sessions)


  • Dealing with nerves

  • Structuring your speech

  • Off the cuff speaking

Basics 2
(2 sessions)


  • Using your voice and body

  • Creating memorable messages

  • Starting Storytelling

Typewriter Keys
Advanced 1
(1 session)


  • Storybranding

Advanced 2
(1 session)


  • Using the venue

  • Bringing Powerpoint to life