The Fast Guide to Public Speaking

Author Darrell Pitt uses tried and proven methods to teach readers how to dramatically improve how they connect with their audiences, and communicate effectively to achieve public speaking success.


Darrell Pitt’s The Fast Guide to Public Speaking provides practical solutions for people who struggle to write and deliver presentations. This concise guide shows speakers how to truly break through to their audiences, giving the speaker a competitive advantage when trying to communicate their product, idea, or service.

The Fast Guide to Public Speaking does this by teaching:


  • how to overcome speaking nerves

  • the three basic components of all speeches

  • how to structure and edit speeches

  • how speakers can take command of their voices

  • how to inspire audiences to act

  • how to create engaging humor

  • the power of story

  • the do’s and don’ts of Powerpoint

  • and much more.

Whether you’re the CEO of a growing company, the leader of a community group, a manager striving for career success, or a salesperson wanting to draft dynamic presentations, The Fast Guide to Public Speaking will make you rethink how you present to your audiences.

The Fast Guide to Public Speaking is a compact 15,000 words. It can be read in a day, but will forever change the way you connect with your audience.

'Packed full of useful information about the skill of public speaking. It taught me more in a day than I'd learnt in my whole life!'